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Binary Bubbles Original

Divine Planner

Virtual-Reality / AR / PC

Cosmic Balance Requires Sacrifice

“Divine Planner” is a multiplatform real time-management/strategy game.  The game mixes clever time management themes inspired by the classic “Populous” franchise with the goofy and cartoony “god game” mechanics and themes of “Pocket God”, with the addition of a “build your own” design mode, “Divine Planner” is an addictive experience that will appeal to gamers of all ages.

  • Godhood Meter: Your’ “health” is tied to your popularity with your followers. If the aliens don’t like their god: game over! so don’t ignore their cries.

  • Colossal Calamities: Plagues, giant meteors, blazing fires, volcanoes, storms and even well armed alien invaders. Your solar system is a dangerous place, and only you can save your followers from danger.

  • Alien Sacrifice vs Divine Solutions: Calamities can be resolved through the use of resources found on the planets, or through alien sacrifice. The player should always prioritize solving a problem using resources as opposed to sacrificing aliens. The sacrifice should be used as an emergency measure. It stops the slow burn of the godhood meter but also takes a hit on it due to the aliens’ discontent.


  • Multi-Tasking: Every planet has its own meter. And every planet lost will lead you closer to your doom. Better pay attention!

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