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Binary Bubbles Original



a 3D robot-recycling, collect-em-up action game.

Amy Engine, a young inventor scrambles to save her cloud city of Atom-Sphere from the terror of corrupted XOOM robots who threaten to crash the city onto the toxic surface of the planet below.

  • The mission: Find the source of the evil-bots and save Atom-Sphere before it crashes onto the toxic surface.

  • The crew: Switch between 3 playable characters, utilizing their unique abilities to navigate through a variety of action filled stages.

  • Locations: Explore multiple levels in 3 primary, open world environments: the futuristic cloud city of Atom-Sphere, the toxic wasteland of the planet’s surface, and the underground city of Underville.

  • Destroy: XOOM Radbots before they destroy all of the target items in a level (which may be random objects, or key items to the plot).

  • Recycle: the robo-scrap and take it to a XOOM Recyclex, which will produce an item to assist the player  in shutting off the hostile bots.

  • Rebuild and repair: Radbots are tearing down the environment, creating hazards and obstructing your path! Amy and her crew must improvise by using the scrap to rebuild destroyed bridges, generators and other damaged essentials.

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