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Edenfrost #1 hits store shelves!

By the love of Cthulhu and all that's unholy, the day has finally come. On November 22nd, 2023 the first issue of my debut comic series Edenfrost hit comic book store shelves nationwide. Check out the official trailer that the incredible Mad Cave Studios marketing team put together for the occasion:

Trailers are great for getting people excited. However, most creators post videos of themselves talking about the title on launch day and....well- Confession Time: As an avid consumer of pop culture, I never felt strongly about seeing the creators' faces or listening to them speak. Maybe my subtle misanthropic tendencies influenced my reaction but I always viewed creators as a "separate product". I don't care about yo face, fool! Just gimme the shit you made and go!...*Ehem*...but with that gotta go with the flow, right?

Edenfrost can be found in many comic book stores all across the US, but if you're an online shopper or digital-only reader, you have other options:

  • Mad Cave Studios Website (Physical & digital). They also sell exclusive variant covers from guest artists like Yanick Paquette, Mike Rooth, Meghan Hetrick and more.

Edenfrost #1 Variant Covers
Edenfrost #1 Variant Covers

You can now pre-order issue #2 before it hits store shelves on January 17, 2024. In this issue Alex and Yuli take refuge in a lonely hunting cabin and quickly realize that their new host may be just as dangerous as the threats that await them out in the wild.

Edenfrost - Issue #2
Edenfrost - Issue #2 Cover

This chapter will include revelations about the Golem's mysterious nature and expose the siblings to wartime tragedies very different from their own. It also includes one of my favorite characters from this first arc: Olena Chornovil. She's...a lot!

Edenfrost Character profile - Olena Chornovil
Olena Chornovil: Edenfrost Character profile

Speaking of which, I made a whole series of EDENFROST CHARACTER PROFILES for the current story arc and posted them on my X/Twitter and Instagram accounts. Check them out when you have a chance! They're neat.


Want more coverage?

Amit Tishler, Bruno Frenda, Taylor Esposito and James B Emmett at NYCC 2023
Team Edenfrost @ New York Comic Con 2023

Then what the hell are you doing HERE? This blog post is literally a copy paste of a chunk from November's issue of my ongoing newsletter/zine: Mindsplatter, which includes a lot more goodies and scoops about my upcoming projects.

So...head over there by clicking the Splatter icon below!


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