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LBE Platform "QUEST CUBE" launches with first title "Luck: Randomizer Rush"

After months of hard work, our interactive entertainment team at Pure Imagination Studios successfully launched the location-based entertainment platform "Quest Cube"

The cube was developed through a partnership with Main Event Entertainment and Skydance Animation. The experience was set up in 5 different locations across Texas, and 3 of those are already up and running!

The first game title offered on the platform, "Randomizer Rush", is based on Skydance Animation's feature film: "Luck" (released on Apple TV+).

As a creative director, my role always spreads into multiple territories. In this project specifically, I led the charge on game design, UX, art direction, product management, narrative writing, and QA primarily on the game development side.

The expanded team included talented engineers, artists, tech/hardware specialists, designers, and was quite the undertaking to develop it in-house and make sure that Main Event can recreate a similar setup in multiple locations.

There were many logistics we had to figure out in order to make the entire platform operator-free and the game self-explanatory...all in all, I think we managed to pull off quite an achievement.

Creative problem solving was a daily effort on every front: hardware (equipment, fabrication, IT), software (game development, backend, and vision system) as well as creative (narrative, audio, graphics, gameplay balancing)...

...but thanks to a lot of hard work and effort from all involved we somehow pulled it off!

Our in-house prototype was a scrappier, development tool...but it helped us flush out all the kinks before the final product was set for delivery and installation.

And the FINAL build looks quite fancy and is currently available in Humble, Shenandoah, Webster, Stafford and Katy, Texas.

This was certainly my biggest venture into the world of location-based entertainment, and all things considered, I think it worked out pretty damn well...right?

Congrats to my team at Pure Imagination Studios, thank you for all the hard work, and...let's make sure we kick ass even harder on the next project.


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