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Introducing: "Mindsplatter"

I have recently launched a snazzy newsletter and I thought a blog post about it would be useful for people who aren't following me on social media or are just not members of my professional mailing list. So, in short: what is MINDSPLATTER?

It's a monthly, email-shaped nuclear missile that allows me to share updates regarding my creative endeavors: from IP development updates to fancy product releases and special events. It's like my personal Morning Brew, but sexier...MUCH SEXIER!

The reason I committed to this new adventure is that the last few years have been extremely kind to me as an independent content creator. I optioned TV shows to networks and studios before, but this year I took a big swing that worked out way better than I expected: 4 original series I either created or co-created with my writing partner, friend, and badass Bob's Burgers story artist Elliot Sperl, were snatched by comic book publishers Humanoids Publishing and Mad Cave Studios and are currently in different stages of production, with the first two titles coming out as early as fall 2023.

Mindsplatter is meant to serve as a mildly self-indulgent, creatively stimulating platform. A way for me to show you how MY SAUSAGE is made...

..and if you think that wordplay came off intentionally and uncomfortably sexual, you clearly don't know me very well.

With all that said, I do hope to make my little slice of the interwebz entertaining, insightful, and maybe even inspiring to those of you trying to achieve similar goals. If you find my insights and techniques useful in any way, shape, or form - that's a win!

In addition to all the creative mumbo jumbo, I will also use MINDSPLATTER to share some media recommendations with my readers; new films, TV shows, videogames, and products that inspire ME to improve my own work. So if you're hungry for that sorta thing, you may get a bit of extra value out of the whole experience.

So...Whaddaya say?

JEEZ! OK. Settle down!...

BUT! If you're serious and want to subscribe to Mindsplatter, all you have to do is:



...and use the fancy new Mindsplatter subscription form I made just for you.


A very special thank you to my growing existing subscriber community for all the feedback and support! I will make his newsletter worth your while with exclusive content, interactive surveys, and even special prizes down the line. So...



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